Picking rabbit or guinea pig boarding

looking for guinea pig or small animal boarding - choose Boarding4Pets!We appreciate its a big decision deciding which boarding facility is best for your rabbit or guinea pig. They are part of your family and you only want the very best for them.

Here are some tips on choosing the best boarding facility for you:

Always visit the boarding facilities for yourself before committing to booking.

Check your rabbit or guinea pig would have a good sized hutch and access to an exercise run.

Check basic cleanliness, this should be a must, is ventilation good?

Check the hutches are well constructed and maintained.

Make sure the boarding facility insists on seeing your rabbit vaccination records for Myxomatosis and RHD – all good boarding facilities would ask to see these.

Rabbits and guinea pigs need to be looked after by someone who has a lot of experience looking after these types of pets, check the experience of the carers.looking for rabbit or bunnie boarding - choose Boarding4Pets!

Above all you need to like and trust the people who run the rabbit or guinea pig boarding facility – you love your rabbit or guinea pig and when you are on holiday you need to relax and enjoy your time away safe in the knowledge that they are having a good time as well.


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